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CFD Consulting & Engineering Services

Where there’s fluid, there’s a need for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation and Analysis. From gas to liquid, all of your fluid dynamic and thermal systems can be and should be simulated. Whether the fluid flow is liquid-liquid, liquid-solid, or liquid-gas interaction, PPS’s CFD Analysis Engineers are fully equipped with the knowledge, skills, and experience to analyze any system. 
In the right hands, CFD simulation accurately and precisely analyzes and determines the fluid flow through a product or system including velocity, density, temperature, chemical concentrations, and thermal impact of the system or product through all mediums. PPS’s engineering consulting services leads to the validation and optimization of the system or product design.
PPS developed its engineering knowhow employing computational fluid dynamics with countless CFD analysis projects, including Heat Exchangers, Blower (motion), Valves, Industrial Ovens, and Dust collectors (Balance and Erosion), to name a few. Our broad engineering experience brings a fresh perspective to your problems and design challenges.
This expertise gained through numerous industries is our competitive edge and is a proven value proposition for our CFD service that we offer to our clients.
Some of our Services are:
  • Conduct Design and Flow Analysis Optimization Studies

  • CFD Modeling and Flow Control

    • Steady-State (Time-Independent) and Transient (Time-Varying)

    • Compressible and Incompressible

    • Viscous and Inviscid Flow

    • Laminar and Turbulent

    • Single and Multiphase Flow

    • Free Surface Modeling

    • Single And Multiphase Flow

    • Flow Control

    • Surface Erosion

    • Free Surface Modeling

    • Non-Newtonian Fluid Materials

    • Laminar And Turbulent Flow

    • Compressible And In-Compressible

    • Solid-Body Motion

  • Test Innovative Concepts and Increase Performance

  • Smoke and Particle Trace Modeling

  • Heat Transfer

  • Conduct Design And Flow Analysis And Optimization Studies

  • Avoid Field Failures And Reduce Warranties

  • Deliver Cost-Effective Products To Clients Faster To Minimize Costly Prototypes