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Our expert FEA analysis services give you engineering designs to help you grow your business. You get:




Shorter Physical Testing Phase






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Put simply, we help you get a leg up on the competition. It all starts with having an accurate model to study. We use advanced finite element modeling to give you engineering analysis solutions for complex problems to find the best mechanical performance. We tailor our consulting and simulation services to meet your exact requirements.

When we partner with a company, we work as part of your team. Our clients depend on us to understand their needs and work together to solve their most difficult challenges. You get a full range of finite element analysis (FEA) and Mechanical Engineering services. All these benefits will significantly reduce your overhead on engineering services and boost your operations’ efficiency.

Uniquely positioned to help get your design to market faster, PPS offers proven engineering expertise with full-spectrum simulation. Hence, you get high-quality products that stand the test of time.

At PPS, we focus on delivering value. We rely on results from start to finish — leading to a validated and optimized design.
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our strengths

our Strengths in finite element analysis(FEA)

Identify The Root Cause of a Failure

Conduct Design Optimization Study

Minimize Costly Prototypes

Structure and Stress Analysis

Transient Response (Time Dependent)

Thermal Stress Analysis

Avoid Field Failures And Reduce Warranties

Frequency Response

Normal & Prestress modes

Buckling Analysis

Vibration and Static Fatigue

Shock & Response spectrum

Impact & Drop Analysis

what makes us unique

We have experienced engineering and technical staff.

We work with you as an extension of your team.

We have decades of industry experience.

We provide tailored services for each of our partners.

our benefits

what are some benefits of finite element Analysis (FEA)?

FEA uses engineering simulation software to create a mathematical model during the design process. We can create a possible solution to how a physical system will behave in the real world with FEA.

One benefit of FEA is creating a design to look at its structure. We do this by using stress and strain curves, boundary conditions, and equipment components. The simulation shows you specific conditions your design will face in the real world, resulting in:




Shorter Physical Testing Phase





how it works

How finite element analysis works

You can see how a design works by trial and error, but that means repeating the design-build process until you find a design that works. That is a slow process and takes too much time, plus it costs a fortune.
FEA uses virtual prototype modeling to predict how a design will behave and cut the high cost of making physical prototypes and repeatedly testing. The result minimizes design, development, quality, and manufacturing risks. You can keep designing quickly to find the right design before you build anything.

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why finite element is used

FEA makes it possible to simulate complex boundary conditions. FEA provides accurate results in a short time, at a lower cost. But is finite element analysis difficult?

It can be because you need in-depth knowledge of the FEA. Engineers using FEA must understand how to study a complex structure and its physical elements to simulate structural conditions to find the right design.

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You don't have to bear the burden alone. Success comes from the simplicity found in an idea that works. Technology helps, not hinders, great innovation. We help businesses and organizations innovate by rapidly creating virtual prototypes to design better products faster. You focus on running your company, while PPS handles your design, product development, Simulation, Analysis, & testing.

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