Turnkey Solutions

Engineering and Design Solutions From Concept to Installation


What Are Turnkey Solutions?

Turnkey solutions are engineering services and serve as the foundation of Pure Prime Solution’ (PPS) partnership with our clients. We deliver solutions that start as concepts, and PPS manages the project from engineering and design to installation—designed to fill any technical gap or capabilities—resulting in providing our clients with more control and clarity. With the flexibility to make the right decision based on real data.

Engineering projects have many different stages starting from Concept through Installation and commissioning. To overcome today’s design, manufacturing, and maintenance challenges, PPS provides clients with a single point of contact for managing multi-faceted engineering projects. The single point of contact results in partners only having to interact with one team freeing up their resources.

To mitigate risk, including technical risk, PPS uses advanced processing capabilities like The Simulation-Driven Design Process, shown below, to get the job done quickly, accurately, and validated. The Simulation-Driven Design Process decreases engineering and design time, leading to an optimizes design quickly using:

  • FMEA – Failure Mode And Effects Analysis
  • FTA – Fault Tree Analysis
  • CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • FEA – Finite Element Analysis
  • DFMA – Design For Manufacture And Assembly

The turnkey solution service is designed to fill any technical gap. This engineering service results in providing our clients with more control and clarity, plus the flexibility to make the right decisions based on data from analysis and testing

How Does The Turn Turnkey Solutions Work?

Above all, Turnkey Solutions are complete Engineering projects tailored to the needs of any client. 

For instance, when improvement concepts or equipment upgrades are needed, often, the projects get delayed due to a lack of resources. Whether it’s an efficiency increase, productivity study, or safety improvement, PPS works with our clients using a step-by-step approach designed to go from concept to implementation. Together with our clients, these Turnkey Solutions steps occur:

  • Defining The Project Requirements (Scope)
  • Concept Development And Evaluation
    • FMEA - Failure Mode And Effects Analysis And FTA - Fault Tree Analysis
  • Simulation And Analysis ( Engineering With A Client Review)
    • CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics And FEA - Finite Element Analysis
  • 3D Modeling, Detail Design, And Documentation Production
    • DFMA - Design For Manufacture And Assembly
  • Design Verification And Validation ( Client Review)
    • CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics And FEA - Finite Element Analysis
  • Product Production ( Manufacturing & Testing)
  • Client Review And Final Acceptance
  • Installation, Equipment Commissioning, And Training
100% TurnKey Process
“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.” -W. Edwards Deming

Therefore, in each of the above steps, multiple activities are performed depending on the complexity of the project. PPS provides complete support for all of the above steps or any combination of the activities defined within each phase.

As a result, PPS focuses on the process rather than the results, because you are going to get extraordinary results. To achieve this, PPS has developed a process woven into the fabric of our business, The Simulation-Driven Design Process.

It starts with our drive and determination to deliver clear and concise communication throughout the project. Our success has been based on being honest and our ability to maintain integrity, even under the most challenging circumstances. Clients tell us they enjoy working with us because we remain flexible and adaptable to get the job done.